Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stop the enclosure of public fiorests

This urgent message of March 8, 2013 is from Bob Simpson MLA:

Bill 8, which contains the proposed rollover legislation in section 24, will by all accounts come up for second reading debate next week. It is critical that we use this weekend and Monday to let Minister Thomson and Government House Leader Mike De Jong know that we don’t want a repeat of the Social Credit’s failed legislation that was rejected by the public in 1989.
If you don’t want this legislation to pass, and if we want a real conversation on tenure reform before any future legislation is introduced, then I urge you to email and tweet both Ministers this weekend asking them to delete section 24 from Bill 8.

Minister Thomson:
Minister de Jong:
Twitter: @Mike_de_Jong and @Steve4Kelowna Hashtags: #stopbill8 #bcpoli
Attached are two tables that show the potential impact rolling over replaceable licenses would have on log supply in each Timber Supply Area (TSA) throughout the province. Remember that only holders of these replaceable forest licenses would be eligible for any new area-based Tree Farm Licenses (TFLs). Some things to note as you look at the tables:
  • Anywhere a TFL is created within a TSA, the land base to achieve all the other volume-based licenses in that TSA would shrink, as the new TFL(s) give exclusive rights to the successful proponent(s).
  • It is likely that the land base awarded in any new TFLs within the mountain pine beetle (MPB) zone would give exclusive rights over a much larger areabecause of the need to achieve the volume of cut guaranteed in the replaceable forest license. The area taken out of the TSA for any new TFLs will likely be significantly larger than it would if the forest was healthy.
In Table 1 (Apportionment Summary), you’ll see what percentage of the cut in each TSA is assigned to replaceable licensees, the companies that hold those licenses, and what percentage of the cut each company has. Table 2 summarizes the apportionment in each TSA for the five major forest products companies. It’s clear from these two tables that enabling rollover without a provincial policy framework to limit corporate control will result in the creation of regional monopolies.
Again, please use this weekend through Monday to let Ministers Thomson and De Jong know that you want section 24 removed from Bill 8 so that the rollover legislation doesn’t get passed into law at the last minute of this government’s mandate.
Bob Simpson, MLA Cariboo North

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