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Forestry in Recreation Areas Conference Kelowna BC Saturday November 7, 2015

Conference Notice:
Forestry in BC’s Recreation Areas  Improving Relationships and Results
Holiday Inn, West Kelowna, BC 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday, November 7, 2015
Goals of the conference
 The main purpose of the conference is to better understand the issues with forest harvesting practices near important recreation and tourism areas in BC, and discuss possible solutions. These discussions will be documented to ensure the ideas brought forward can be used as a resource by conference participants in their future discussions with the forest industry and government.   The discussions will be summarized and made accessible to all attendees during and after the conference. Information will be compiled in the following ways.  o PowerPoint slides and other presentation material will be uploaded to Google Docs. o A laptop-equipped note taker will be assigned to each of workgroup.   o Notes will be uploaded to Google Docs for easy collation and sharing.  As part of the “Next Steps” session, participants may decide that it is appropriate to form a volunteer team to take the raw conference results and create a more formal document.  The document could summarize recreation stakeholder concerns about forest management and practices within recreation and tourism areas, along with any agreed upon recommendations for government and industry actions.  The goal would be to improve working relationships and consideration of recreation values in forest harvesting and management.
Conference Organization and Charter
This exploratory conference has been organized by the Apex Property Owners Association and volunteers concerned about forest management practices within recreation and tourism areas across BC.
We hope to identify issues, and share experiences while seeking the maximum benefit for the participants’ time and effort: a biggest bang for the buck approach.  Unfortunately, it has been our experience that government and industry do not give much weight to the opinions of individual citizens. Therefore, for this initial conference, participation is restricted to official representatives of BC’s outdoor recreation and tourism oriented communities, organizations and clubs.  Hence participants will typically be elected board members of an outdoor recreation
association or non-profit organization.  Property owner associations and local community officials of recreation-oriented communities are also invited to participate.
The number of participants is limited by the facilities, so conference attendees must register by Friday, October 23.  We reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone who does not qualify under the conference charter described above.  
Conference Registration
$50 per person will be collected to cover conference facilities and Saturday’s food & beverages.   Click here to register and submit payment
Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.
The West Kelowna Holiday Inn is offering a special rate of $90/night for conference participants.  Please contact the hotel directly at 250-768-8879.
For more information about the conference agenda, contact:
Jeff Brown Chair, Forestry Advisory Committee Apex Property Owners Association Ph. 240-461-9337
For conference rooms/logistics questions, contact:
Lyndie Hill   Ph. 250-490-6084  
Conference Agenda
Session Topic Participants Time  Continental Breakfast  8:30 – 9:00 Intro Opening Remarks:   Why are we here? Jeff Brown 9:00 – 9:30
Identifying the Issues: Stakeholders will summarize their: 1) concerns with current forestry practices in recreation areas, and  2) their experience with the current stakeholder consultation process
Workgroups1 9:30 – 10:30
Coffee Break:    Participant networking    Collation of workgroup results2
 10:30 – 11:00
Issues Presentation of Results: Presentation, Q&A, Clarification Workgroup Facilitator 11:00 – 12:00  Lunch  12:00 – 12:30 Solutions Overview: Current forest regulation and practices Jeff Brown 12:30 – 1:00
Exploring Possible Solutions: Stakeholders will summarize what is working and opportunities for improvement
Workgroups 1:00 – 2:30
Coffee Break:    Participant networking    Collation of workgroup results
 2:30 – 3:00
Solutions Presentation of Results: Q&A, Discussion
Workgroup Facilitator 3:00 – 3:30
Next Steps
Where to from here: Brainstorming Consensus building Volunteers for Action leadership
All 3:30 – 4:30
Next Steps
A Future Action Plan Together:  Summary of Next Steps Call to Action
Jeff Brown 4:30 – 5:00
Social Participants are encouraged to organize an informal Saturday evening social event.
Those staying overnight in Kelowna
5:00 - ?:??
Notes: 1. Each workgroup will be assisted by a laptop-equipped note taker. 2

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